Taiwanese Grammar: A Concise Reference • Philip T. Lin

At some point back in the mists of time (2009ish), when I was actively learning Taiwanese, my most frequently repeated complaint was the lack of a decent Taiwanese reference grammar (in any language). This lack has now been comprehensively remedied by the release of Philip T. Lin’s Taiwanese Grammar: A […]

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An American Teacher in Taiwan • Ken Berglund

It’s easy to forget how overwhelming the first days of your new life in Asia can be; the crushing language barrier makes simple things like ordering a meal an ordeal; learning to navigate the public transportation system happens one mistake at a time; and that “easy to find” job can […]

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Idiocy, Ltd. • Eric Mader

Idiocy, Ltd.: A Genre-Bending Collection from Taiwan

[Editor’s note: Eric Mader is an American expat writer working in Taiwan. His satirical novel A Taipei Mutt was published in 2002, and he has since published a collection of essays, Heretic Days. His most recent book, Idiocy, Ltd., is reviewed below by Hugh […]

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American Justice in Taiwan: The 1957 Riots and Cold War Foreign Policy • Stephen G. Craft

The 1999 NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade – a tragic accident to the White House, a deliberate and barbaric act of aggression according to the Chinese Communist Party – caused the deaths of three Chinese journalists, and sparked outrage in China. Tens of thousands of protestors demonstrated […]

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The Jade Lady • Patrick Wayland

With The Jade Lady, Taiwan resident Patrick Wayland brings us a spy thriller, which will give a novice a quick primer on the China-Taiwan relationship, written from a strongly pro-Taiwan perspective. And despite an unpromising title, referring to a valuable sculpture that is tangential to the main story, it’s not […]

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Author Interview: Troy Parfitt

Troy Parfitt is the author of Notes from the Other China: Adventures in Asia (2007), Why China Will Never Rule the World: Travels in the Two Chinas (2011), and War Torn: Adventures in the Brave New Canada (2015). Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, he is currently living in Scotland.

Why China Will Never […]

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Author Interview: Shawna Yang Ryan

Shawna Yang Ryan is a former Fulbright scholar and the author of Water Ghosts (Penguin Press 2009) and mostly recently Green Island (Knopf 2016), a novel exploring the dark days of Taiwan’s post-WW II White Terror period. Originally from California, Shawna Yang Ryan now lives on Oahu, where she teaches in the […]

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Author Interview: Bradley Winterton

Bradley Winterton is a British freelance writer and book-reviewer living in Asia. He’s the author of three travel guidebooks (to Bali, Thailand and Japan, the last as co-author), and two books on operas at Macau’s annual International Music Festival. He hasn’t been home to the UK since 1990. He started […]

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Author Interview: T.C. Locke (T.C. Lin)

T.C. Locke (aka T.C. Lin) is the author of Barbarian at the Gate: From the American Suburbs to the Taiwanese Army. The book describes how the author – soon after gaining Taiwanese citizenship – found himself called up for two years of compulsory military service in the ROC (Republic of China) army.

Why did […]

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Author Interview: Jonathan Adams

An interview with Jonathan Adams, author of Welcome Home, Master: Covering East Asia in the Twilight of Old Media.

American journalist Jonathan Adams reported on East Asia for a decade. Welcome Home, Master is his honest, funny, and revealing behind-the-scenes look at foreign reporting, and the reality of making a living […]

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