While We’re Here: China Stories from a Writers’ Colony • Alec Ash and Tom Pellman (Editors)

What’s the laziest way of writing a book? Throw together your blog posts or diary entries? No, that still requires you to have written something. An anthology? And one from a writer’s group or “colony.” Fiction or non-fiction, no problem, and let the laziest artists submit poems: “I’m still working […]

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South China Morning Blues • Ray Hecht

The Pearl River Delta is home to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and cities of millions – such as gritty workshops to the world Dongguan and Zhongshan – that you’ve never heard of. Despite being the powerhouse of the country’s decades-long economic boom, China’s southern cities have been largely ignored […]

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Formosa: A Tale of the French Blockade of 1884-1885 • Lisa Boehm

Lise Boehm was the pen name of Elise Williamina Edersheim Giles. She was born around 1859 in Scotland. Her father, Alfred Edersheim (1825–1889), was a Jewish convert to Christianity and a biblical scholar. In 1883, at the age of twenty-three she married Herbert Allen Giles (1845-1935), of Wade-Giles romanization system […]

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Sons of the Republic • J.W. Henley

The thriller gets off to a good start with the title. Any China–Taiwan story without “dragon” or similar Orientalist cheese in the name is a welcome reprieve from the likes of Dragon Teeth, Dragon Storm, and Operation Red Dragon. Having a dragon-free title is a minor point perhaps, but it’s […]

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