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Author Interview: Bradley Winterton

Bradley Winterton is a British freelance writer and book-reviewer living in Asia. He’s the author of three travel guidebooks (to Bali, Thailand and Japan, the last as co-author), and two books on operas at Macau’s annual International Music Festival. He hasn’t been home to the UK since 1990. He started […]

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Author Interview: David Leffman

British travel writer David Leffman has written numerous guide books, including ones for Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Iceland. He is also the author of The Mercenary Mandarin: How a British adventurer became a general in Qing-dynasty China, which tells the amazing story of Jersey-born William Mesny. Mesny ran off to […]

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Author Interview: T.C. Locke (T.C. Lin)

T.C. Locke (aka T.C. Lin) is the author of Barbarian at the Gate: From the American Suburbs to the Taiwanese Army. The book describes how the author – soon after gaining Taiwanese citizenship – found himself called up for two years of compulsory military service in the ROC (Republic of China) army.

Why did […]

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Author Interview: Jonathan Adams

An interview with Jonathan Adams, author of Welcome Home, Master: Covering East Asia in the Twilight of Old Media.

American journalist Jonathan Adams reported on East Asia for a decade. Welcome Home, Master is his honest, funny, and revealing behind-the-scenes look at foreign reporting, and the reality of making a living […]

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