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Author Interview: Arthur Meursault

Arthur Meursault is the author of the dark comedy Party Members (due out in August). Set in the fictional Chinese city of Huaishi, it follows the exploits of Yang Wei, a mid-level government official led astray by greed and corruption.

Meursault left his native England as a teenager, throwing himself into the […]

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Author Interview: Vincent Stoia

Vincent Stoia is the author of two horror novels set in China, Jin Village and Dark Blossom. Dark Blossom tells the story of a courtesan caught up in a struggle involving various gods, ghouls and the imperial court. Jin Village describes an archaeological dig in a remote mountainous corner of the country; the archaeologists […]

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Author Interview: Patrick Wayland

Patrick Wayland is the author of three novels: The Jade Lady (2012), Deadman Bay (2015), and The Nialhaus Proxy (2016). He was born in Corpus Christi, Texas, graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio, worked in Silicon Valley in the high-tech industry, and later studied Asian languages in Hong […]

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Author Interview: Richard Saunders

Old Taiwan Hand Richard Saunders has done more to get his fellow expats exploring the island than any other person or organization. He is the founder of the group Taipei Hikers, and regularly leads day and weekend hikes around Taipei, and longer treks to Taiwan’s 3,000-meter-plus mountains. He has written hundreds […]

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Author Interview: Alec Ash

Alec Ash is an English writer and journalist living in Beijing. He is the founder of a writer’s colony called the Anthill, and the author of Wish Lanterns: Young Lives in New China. Wish Lanterns, which follows the lives of six young Chinese, is a fascinating close-up look at China’s millennials.

What was the inspiration […]

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Author Interview: Quincy Carroll

Quincy Carroll is the the author of Up to the Mountains and Down to the Countryside. The novel follows the strained relationship between two American English teachers during an academic year in the small Chinese town of Ningyuan. The lives of English teachers in China might not sound too exciting but Quincy’s […]

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Author Interview: John Dougill

John Dougill grew up in Grimsby, England. Since 1988 he has lived in Kyoto, Japan, where he is professor of British Studies at Ryukoku University. He has written numerous books about Japan (on travel, religion, and history) and England. His 2012 In Search of Japan’s Hidden Christians: A Story of Suppression, […]

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Author Interview: Greg McCann

Taiwan-based American Greg McCann fell in love with the little-known wilderness of northeast Cambodia while doing doctoral research on the animist beliefs of the highlander tribes and how their belief in mountain spirits and traditional taboos translated into a form of environmental conservation. He wrote a book about his experiences, […]

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Author Interview: Liam D’Arcy-Brown

Liam D’Arcy-Brown is the author of three books on China: Green Dragon, Sombre Warrior: Travels to China’s Extremes (2003), The Emperor’s River: Travels to the Heart of a Resurgent China (2010) and Chusan: The Opium Wars & the Forgotten Story of Britain’s First Chinese Island. He studied Chinese at St. Anne’s […]

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Author Interview: Troy Parfitt

Troy Parfitt is the author of Notes from the Other China: Adventures in Asia (2007), Why China Will Never Rule the World: Travels in the Two Chinas (2011), and War Torn: Adventures in the Brave New Canada (2015). Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, he is currently living in Scotland.

Why China Will Never […]

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